Thursday, June 28, 2007

Garden Thief

The doctor that owns the house two doors down is going to tear the house down and build a new one which means all the plants around the home are going to get plucked up and die. I have been lusting after the plants since we moved in but especially since it has been vacant for a year. The boys and I went down to see the excavator uprooting trees and I got up the nerve to ask the guy if it was okay if I dug up the plants around the house. 5 wagon loads later, I have a hundred plugs of border grass, 3 Hibiscus, one Crepe Myrtle, two Azaleas, a gardenia I think, lots of Crotuns, 3 Hydrangea, a cool bush of unknown species that has little pom poms of white flowers. The excavator guy calls me Garden thief. Today he tells me that he pulled up a little tree and will bring it down to my house on the excavator if I have a spot that he can get to. I put my cheap Chinese labour to work (John-Thomas, Stewart & Yohanna). Boys like to dig holes so why not work it to my advantage. Actually somehow I have tricked them into thinking it is their garden and I am letting them have the tree. Mark Twain would be so proud. Stewart started a "garden" a couple months back with the left over plants from the terrarium he had to do for a school assignment. He has been very proud of his garden and wanted a bigger spot. Yohanna wanted to join in the fun as well and had asked for a spot so when all these plants were available I told them they could have them for their garden. Genius. I added some candy that had been stashed away for such an occasion as added bonus to their hard work under the noon day sun. So I figure with two days of 3 hours each of yard work I haven't need to walk or work out and am staying on track for weight loss. Next week though we are going to Josh's dad's so I will be sideswiped on my progress and posts! AAAAGGGH I hope my garden theifdom will not wither whilst I'm away. The teepee is growing great, at least that is established and won't need any extra watering.

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CroppinRobin said...

You are a that you had the guts to go over and ask for the plants!
Today Michael surprised me with 2 more hydrangeas....I'll have a hedge of hydrangeas across the back of my fence.