Thursday, July 5, 2007

On Vacation

I never realized how much I love to shop until we are on vacation and just going to Publix gives me a thrill. I weighed yesterday morning when I went there and I lost two pounds by their scale. We tried walking Monday night but half way into our walk it started to rain and it has done that every afternoon since. Today it poured on us while we were out on the pontoon boat. That was fun. Grandad said he hadn't had that much fun since he was stuck in the snow. As Josh would say, "That's about right". At first big waves were washing over the front of the boat and then at the end the lightening started. Emmett crawled under the little case that the steering wheel sits on. Elise didn't care, Anne was holding her. Tomorrow we are going to hit the beach with Josh's mom. Hopefully that will go okay. A friend of Josh's sister and mom died suddenly yesterday and they are all pretty upset. Anne said she would watch the kids while Josh and I went out for dinner. His dad has been fixing fantastic breakfasts, I will be curious to see what the scale at my home Publix says. Been missing my new blogging buddies, enjoyed reading their blogs today.

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CroppinRobin said...

So glad to read your post.
When I checked your site tonight and saw that you had a post...I clapped and said "oh, goodie"...what is wrong with me.