Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wannabe Wednesday

1234 by Feist came on right before I was about to wax eloquently about being a copycat...then I sang along with The Littlest you ever do that, throwback to the teen karoke years and sing like you want a mic in your hand and a guitar in your lap? There was one afternoon at FSU Laura sat down at her piano and I enjoyed singing some Natalie Merchant song with her. Just now Elise and I were using some percussion instruments and had a nice jam session "not caring if the sun don't shine...I've got those wandering blues".

Before the "I got the music in me" (google The Kiki Dee Band) there were a series of thoughts running in my head about how much I copy others. It's not good to compare yourself to others, I know I've read some thing like that in Proverbs? It is okay to emulate the good we see though. 2Cor 10:12 says something like that and I like Matthew Henry's commentary
"If we would compare ourselves with others who excel us, this would be a good method to keep us humble; we should be pleased and thankful for what we have of gifts or graces, but never pride ourselves therein, as if there were none to be compared with us or that did excel us."

All this to say you all excel me and I wannbe like you...Weigh Wednesday, Firepit, Bible Studies, beautiful homes, you all are beautiful! Part of that has got to be keeping up with the Jones's. I often wonder how much we should do with out so we can put our resources to the starving children in Africa or the dear missionaries in Budapest.
We are having a new couch delivered tomorrow.
Obviously I have succumbed the American Dream of having a nice home. I did not get the craigslist couch...the people smoked. I went to 5 furniture stores when I left the cigarette house and after looking at couches that all cost $1000 I found one for $329 and a co-ordinating chair for $279. Does any of this rambling connect? The craft of writing has eluded me, sorry. Last night I had a lovely conversation during the ESL snack break(I made mini-cheesecake bites, peanutbutter and giant chocolate chip cookies) we discussed losing weight. Have I gone off on a different tangent. Oh my. Will post my weight tonight. Not that I've forgiven evening scales, it's just the only convenient time to weigh. :)
What was it that Robin said last week...better nothing than something...yeah well this week it was another something. Honestly I am back up to 159. I was so happy with 156 and 1/2. Time to go back to plain salads and no more birthday celebrations...


Cloverland Farm said...

Great picture. They look like a little army. Love the bandage on the knee.

Melissa said...

I wannabe like you ooh ooh.....
I thoroughly enjoy your ramblings. I sometimes have to go back and read what I've written to make sure the random thoughts in my head make sense! I didn't weigh yesterday, either. Still contributing to our trip next year, though.

Michael said...

Congratulations on finding a great deal on some furniture pieces! I am looking forward to seeing some of the MUST post pics. I don't think your trying to keep up with the Jones’s; it's more that you want to give your family an enjoyable living atmosphere. Heck you all spend most of your time there, it mise well be comfortable too!

I love the picture too! I think it looks like one of the magazine pics of models out at the beach!

Sherry Hayes said...

Cute picture. I can't believe how big your children are getting. They are precious.

CroppinRobin said...

I have always wanted to be like you, Emily. Even from the little baby, no money, we're having friends over - we'd better turn on the air days!
Too bad about the stinky furniture.
I, too, love the photo...John-Thomas looks like a model...well, except for that minor detail - hanging bandage.

Gideon mommasita said...

John-Thomas hates that picture because of the bandage. To prevent a fall from a tree he slid down it and got tree rash on the inside of both knees.
Thanks for your comments!