Monday, October 8, 2007

Must do Monday

Had a checkup today...hadn't had one since Elise was born. Their scale was of course not as friendly as the cute one at Publix so I bought some celery tonight. Sunday we went to the library and I checked out a stack full of books, most of them weren't worth their weight but the Secrets of Good-Carb Low Carb Living one was very encouraging and I highly recommend it. The balanced approach it gives to eating right and the reasonable recipes almost makes me want to buy it myself. Alas though I did not eat the salad I fixed to go with the Barilla Plus Rotini because I had to dart out the door as soon as Josh came home from his Mentoring to make it to the UPS center before it closed. I sold my advanced copy of The Prisoner of Azkaban on Ebay for over $150. The advance copy of a book that nobody wanted to read much less take it home when I worked at Barnes and Noble 10 years ago just made momma a few dollars. I may yet try to sell my Vera Bradley purse and see if I have as much luck as Robin. Did I mention that Josh made the appointment for me and took the day off to help with the kids school work...who indeed can find a more wonderful husband?


Melissa said...

What a nice thing to do. Josh, kudos! You're a keeper.
I need to see if our stinky library has a copy of that book. I went to my library yesterday and couldn't find anything I was looking for. I even went on the network library to see if other local libraries had the books. Nope, no such luck!

CroppinRobin said...

you'll have to post a tested recipe from the cookbook.
WOW on the ebay sale! that is awesome!