Sunday, November 4, 2007

Elise ate more than I thought she would

I wasn't planning on taking a picture of my comfort food but then I got out the camera to take a picture of Elise holding the milk jug and it continued on from there. I didn't have any egg noodles so I used the Barilla Plus, which is an excellent product but not with this little dish that has been made by my grandmother, mother and definitely needs the egg noodles. While I was waiting for the pasta to cook I came back to the computer to see if I could find a recipe like my dish on the Internet..."Mom you forgot to get me a glass of milk" Elise says as she comes into my room toting the milk jug. I never did find an official recipe but I didn't look all that hard. After I ate I had to go over to my mom's to pick up her cat. Stay tuned for Woody pictures...he is the best cat ever (and I love my cats). I let him rub all over my face and now I can't breathe and my eyes are watering...I know better than this!


SenoraSabrosita said...

Hi Emily:

Enjoyed your blog. How old are all the kids now? My gosh, looking at John Thomas it's amazing how much time has gone by. Kids seem to grow up faster than we do! Have a blessed day. By the way, it's me Jenette. I keep forgetting to let people know that since my blog account is senorasabrosita.

Melissa said...

Love the pics Emily! Elise is independent! So is my Emily! She takes matters into her own hands all too often. She will remind me if I forget, which can be good and bad.
Barilla plus is good with most stuff, but it can be a little stiff when subbing for egg noodles. Nothing like good ole egg noodles. They can't be replaced!