Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jumpin Jehosephat

Talked to my sister in Indiana the other day and found out she tried out jumping rope in her kitchen. I jump on the bricks at the foot of my back steps (about 4 sqft). Jumping rope is better than walk/jogging but I still dread the thought of it. My salads for lunch are really enjoyable but still a chore to make. I love a clean house but it is so much work. Yesterday and today I "volunteered" at the Scholastic Warehouse, pricing and sorting like nobody's business...now that will be some work that will bear fruit and have an end. I get paid in merchandise-Yeah. Wish I could "volunteer" at Ross or Beall's...I could outfit the whole family in a week.


Melissa said...

I'd volunteer to be a taste tester.....Pretty sad, huh? What's the payoff there?
You are doing so great with your fitness and health. Keep up the great work.....I'm all talk and little to no action.........

CroppinRobin said...

my mom said she jumped rope in her dining room. i really need to get out michael's jump rope and give it a try.
i, too, love salads, but mostly when someone else makes them.