Friday, January 25, 2008

Hasta La Vista

Heading to Hendersonville, N.C. tomorrow to see my dad. Hopefully he won't make us eat pancackes everymorning and be okay w/our South Beach Breakfast bars. Will be packing the jumprope! Josh has been jumping rope everyday, as he has progressed in his jumping. I am sensing that this might turn into a jumping competition between the two of us. The other day I had the thought that I should post a video of my jump roping so you can see how pitiful it is and thus be encouraged, or at least get a good laugh. What do you think?
Have you checked out the MotherLoad Blog yet? It has a freebie Friday that is worth a peek.
I also am still loving the Good Housekeeping website...if I didn't have to pack today and do the pretrip cleanup I would be wasting away my time there.


Gloria said...

Have a great trip - hope you guys everyone has a good time!

Gloria said...

Oops...I meant - I hope everyone has a good time..