Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's not about me!

"In sanctification the regenerated soul deliberately gives up his right to himself to Jesus Christ, and identifies himself entirely with God's interest in other men." -Oswald Chambers

What does mercy look like in my day to day life? How do I pursue knowing God and enjoying Him forever in my mundane daily chores? These are all the thoughts that I have been trying to push to the forefront but keep getting distracted. No distractions this morning (Elise is at Gramma's). Several times a day I read my verse of the day, at least once a day I check to see if my wonderful friends have posted anything new (or new comments). Today was no different except that after reading Laura's blog and comments, I then read Katy's blog after her comment, and then read a blog she recommended. I am not involved in Ethiopian adoptions (where would we put another?) BUT I was encouraged so much by her oh so common but often uncommon christian walk that I left her a comment even though I don't know her. I hope you are encouraged by another Emily's words!

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