Monday, April 28, 2008


Today while I was reading John-Thomas's spelling words I was also reading the Internet monk.

Part way into his post he said something that has been resonating lately from a lot of different sources.

"A significant place in the life of faith in God is coming to the place of abandoning any sense of control, outcome or insured result. Why is that so significant? Because for many of us, in some measure and in various ways, we believe that God’s promises in scripture add up to God guaranteeing the GOOD outcomes that will honor him.

In other words, God will guarantee that the marriage will work, that the ministry will work, that the finances will arrive, that the health will recover, that the children will become Christians and that this life of faith will turn out to be “blessed by God.”

So now, that hard question: how have the hard outcomes honored God? It is easy for me to say that God has been faithful and I could praise Him through 2 miscarriages and the 2 hurricanes ripping the shingles off the house and Josh's business collapsing. But there continue to be areas that I know should be different but aren't and so how does that honor him. Sorry for rambling and not making any sense. Talk amongst yourselves.

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Dee Dee's Diary said...

It makes perfect sense to me. What God is saying to me through your post is this...Control is something I certainly struggle with. God must be so tired of saying...Let go, Sara...give me control. I should have learned by now that His ways are always the best. When I am in control, stuff always gets messed up. My biggest struggles in life have been because I didn't trust God with the control. I always think I can figure it all out. He is so patient, so merciful. Keep's a blessing to me.