Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday I couldn't make it to the Y so I jogged in my neighborhood and I was able to jog my short route w/out stopping. Last summer I couldn't do that and I was almost 10 pounds lighter, what's up with that?

Washed the dog and trimmed her after my jog....poor dog didn't get either last month!

Met up with the ladies from our small group at Mimi's after the jog and dog wash. We've never gotten together just us ladies before and it was fun. Julie wasn't there because she is in Atlanta with her sister that was just diagnosed with Leukemia. Lori had to work and Jean was spring breaking with her kids but hopefully we will all be able to hang out next month.

Where do you like to go for a night out with the ladies?


glenandtavia said...

I heard about Julie's sister, Ann last week. I am praying for her and Julie and the entire family.

Here in Galesburg we like to go to "The Lanmark". It's the hip place to go. Lots of college kids, but also very quaint. It's a crepe place. That's about as girly as it gets around here.

Buddy needs a bath and a clip as well, want to come over and do it for me? Giving someone else's dog a bath and clip is like changing someone else's kid, you only do it if you absolutely have to or if someone pays you the big bucks.

Gloria said...

I am so proud of it! It shows a committed effort that you were able to jog your route without stopping...very impressive.

Tavia knows Julie??? Do I know Julie?

Gloria said...

Oops... I meant proud of "you." "You" are not an "it," "You" are a she or a her or a cool fabulous chica, but not an it.... :)

gideonmommasita said...

Tavia knows Julie through their common days at Monument Pt. Baptist..right? Do you know her Gloria? You are crackin me up, as much as I mistype it doesn't even register with me if someone else does...but thanks anyway for calling me a fabulous chica...that makes my day.