Friday, May 16, 2008


This morning I offered to take Susan to the airport for her 8 a.m. flight. What was I thinking, I had to pick her up at 6:30. She overslept so I went down to Starbucks and picked us up some decaf coffees with soy. This is always the way Susan takes her coffee, but I hadn't tried it yet because Soy always costs more and But Josh got me a reloadable Starbucks card for my birthday and if you register it online you can get some free perks, like soy or caramel... Since I was getting the soy for Susan I tried it myself and was pleasantly surprised.

I had the radio on Air1 listening to Scott and Kelli. Scott used to DJ for the christian station we listened to in Palm Bay that was based out of Orlando. The kids and I really enjoyed him then and were excited to be able to hear him again. So I called him while driving home and told him. After that call I started wondering about something good for someone and it comes back to it forward....turn about... etc. Taking Susan to the airport, calling to say 'Way to Go" to the Dj, how biblical is it to think that good will come back to me? Ultimately I have eternal good coming to me but I think that is as far as that goes.

As I am turning onto my street I hear that Scott and Kelli will take the 4th caller to win something. All last week we tried calling the radio to win a Narnia prize pack and never got through so my expectations were low. I didn't even know what contest I was calling for or what I had to know...but I forgot this was Air1 and the questions are always absurdly easy...but I'm getting ahead of myself...I was the 4th caller! How fun. I won 4 cds and am entered in the drawing tonight to win tickets to Ichthus. Craziness! I was able to call Josh while I was on hold with the radio to tell him to listen and the kids all sat in the car until it came on. When they heard me they asked, "did you really say that?" Josh had it on at work and all his coworkers heard it too. How embarrassing. Oh well.

After lunch we are going to see Narnia with the Piersons and the Duncans. I got the candy stash for my purse ready.

So what do you think about Karma? I'm still not a believer but I'll take whatever blessings God sends my way.

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glenandtavia said...

Not thinking its karma, but hey what fun. Tell Julie we said hello.