Saturday, June 14, 2008


My grandmother used to say "It isn't a sale if you don't need it." I often repeat this mantra while shopping and try to think about what we have and if we can do without.
Josh and I ran up to K-Mart tonight while the kids were watching a video to check out their tent sale. Our very old second hand tent bit the dust two years ago, which was fine except we have already booked our camping site for Thanksgiving and a tent might be a good thing come November.
So, we get to K-Mart and look at the tent cabins and tent condo's and then way up on a top shelf is one lone tent marked almost half of what the exact same tent on the shelf was marked! EUREKA....Did we need it, YES! Well, maybe not like we need our "Daily Bread" or the 4 main food groups either for that matter but there it was $75 and it has room to sleep a small island nation or our family and Yohanna.
I also picked up a folding cot for $28.
Last year those cots went on sale but our K-Mart never got them in. I will shop at Target any day of the week compared to K-Mart but it is right around the corner from our house and it does have some deals. Check out is a pain in the neck and they don't always what you want in stock and it isn't aesthetically appealing in the least.
ANYWAY, Josh and I got home and immediately put it up and the boys are sleeping in it tonight (with a fan). I am so excited for them. Tomorrow I will have to take a picture. The one I posted is stolen and isn't exactly the same model. It's dark, people, and I don't think anything I took would show up.
Aren't you excited for us?
I can tell that you are, admit it.
You were so happy when you clicked on my blog and saw I had something besides Yikes, peaking out at you.
Ah, the silliness of it all.
Thanks for sharing in my excitement, you all are absolutely the best and I am so glad you stop by to read my ramblings!


Dee Dee's Diary said...

I'm so glad you ramble.

Gloria said...

Awesome deal, I agree - you need a tent if you are going camping so in this case your grandmother's saying doesn't apply. Although, that same saying is what broke me of my bad habit of aimless shopping back when Arthur used to travel a lot. I'd drop him off at the airport when we lived in Delray Beach and then hit the shops to distract me. Always bought on sale, but didn't always need what I bought at the moment, Most of the purchases would be in the "maybe some day...." or "this would be a great Christmas present (forget the fact it was January and I would have to store it for another 11 months)."

....I guess I'm the one rambling now!

Tip Junkie said...

I love that comment, "It's not a sale if you don't need it." I wish my mom believed that growing up. ;) True Dat!