Thursday, July 24, 2008

Roam if you want to

Jenette's mention of a B-52 song was obviously in my head when I was ready to post tonight. Last year I took this picture of the Arlington bridge that I did not jog over. Now it is part of my route. Sometimes it is so windy I have to hold my shorts down, and then there are nights like tonight when it is dead still at low tide and the stink from the mud is clogging up your lungs. Not really, it only stinks that bad down near where Josh's dad lives. But I was thinking tonight about how far I've come since last year and not at all at the same time. Cardiovascularly I am not doing that bad, weight wise I am probably a few pounds heavier. I detest almost every minute of the jog and have to keep turning up the music louder and louder to drone out the voices in my head telling me to stop. Last night and tonight that was a helpful thing though because the Christian lyrics help me focus on my God, my helper, the perfecter of all things. I only need trust in Him, not in horses or chariots or myself....I don't need to box Him in, He's been doing big things since the world began. Thanks to Jenifer Knapp and Ayesha, I was not only able to raise my head and press on in the road set before me but also in this life set before me as well.
Oh, and if you see a crazy lady shouting, and raising her hands while she's jogging she probably isn't having a heart attack but just adding her Amen to the day.


Melissa said...

Amen, Em! I don't wanna box Him in. He's big enough, yeah He's big enough. I love that song. I get a little groovy funk in the van when I hear that. My hubby and kids just deal.

CroppinRobin said...

hold your shorts down, whoa....what kind of shorts are you wearing????

Gloria said...

I am so proud of you! You keep pressing on, moving forward and have made so much progress physically since last year...unfortunately, I keep listening to the voices in my head that tell me to stop! You go girl!