Friday, August 1, 2008


5 years ago when John-Thomas started playing piano he played a small piece from Dvorak's New World symphony. Up until last week I knew nothing about him, though several people I know were familiar with his music. The night I found the neat knitting books in the library, I also ran across Dvorak in America. It was the second book I've read this summer, I'm not proud to say it was a "teen" book and not very long but it was a wonderful look into the beginnings of "American" music. John-Thomas is now reading it and it should take him all of two hours to breeze through it. When did my reading skills/speed go down the crapper? Probably shouldn't put that word in the same paragraph as symphony but I'm feeling a bit cheeky today. Thank you Gloria, Laura and Robin for reminding me that reading is important and to prioritize!

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glenandtavia said...

I appreciate your cheeky!