Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bloomin Lovely

From one plant I have taken cuttings and started two more Con-federate Rose plants. They aren't quite a bush and not quite tree but definitely lovely.
From the top picture you can see the first and middle stage of the blooms and the last picture shows the shriveling pre-drop off the plant stage.
Today is Be-U-Ti-Ful, the humidity is low, the temps are in the high 70's low 80's. A slight breeze, makes a girl want to garden.
We had the privilege today to go downtown to attend a City Council Cell Phone Tower Review Committee. A cell phone company wanted to build a tower in the property next to ours...right behind our mailbox if you can picture it. I wanted to tell the committee that I have 4 kids that rock climb for fun and a tower would be a huge temptation but I was too nervous and just asked them nicely to find somewhere else to build it. Prior to the Council meeting, the Plans Reviewers decided it was a bad idea so we were there for 3 hours for the fun of it evidently. John-Thomas and Stewart got their Civics lesson and a lesson in community involvement. They tried their best not to look too bored. Silly me decided to sit on the second row. What was I thinking? After we got home it was too lovely to have them do lessons right away so they ran around playing tag and I took pictures of my blooms. Aren't they bloomin lovely?
Hope your weekend is relaxing.


sister sheri said...

Just lovely!

CroppinRobin said...

i think i must have a confederate rose bush, too. maybe you could take a cutting and start me one in a pot. wish i had something to share with you. i still have 4 knock-out rose bushes sitting in pots on my driveway. urg.....
nevertheless, i still would love an 'emily cutting'. are they sun or shade lovers?

gideonmommasita said...

They appear to be sun happy...I don't know about full all day sun but they definately reach for it when I have them in the shade. The last couple of days I have thought that I need to start some more cuttings.