Friday, February 27, 2009

I Need Thee

Redemption Songs by Jars of Clay is currently in the car's cd player. Yesterday and this morning it has been a very good focus on my lack of everything and His all sufficiency. So that's all I have for the spiritual side for the funny part, the part where I share with you my humility.

My YMCA doesn't offer a good Zoomba class, neither is it open at 5 am which has prompted us to up our membership to citywide coverage so I can join my friend Kendra at her fancyshmancy Y near the TowneCenter. I have been a couple times with Kendra and enjoyed it, she showed me how to use the lockers with their keypad locks, and she put the idea into my head to go there at the crack of dawn-thirty to get the exercise in so I can be home to actually homeschool. Sorry for the long intro...

This morning my alarm goes off for the second morning in a row at 4:30 and I make it to the Y by 5...put my stuff in the locker, punch in my easy to remember code and head to the treadmill. This morning I remembered my Tinkerbell MP3 player, programed the treadmill that my goal was 3 miles and away I went walking and jogging. I was walking at 2 and 1/2 miles when a good song came on and I decided to jog but instead of hitting the increase speed button I hit the stop button and all my progress was deleted off the monitor and instead of speeding up my pace I was at a standstill and once I stop it is VERY hard to get going again and who knows how much longer I had left to go, so I just walked for another 10-15 minutes and quit. My hip joints were aching, (probably from the previously mentioned Zoomba class) my shins were aching my right ankle was aching, I was done.

... At my locker I punched in the easy to remember code but it beeped..... WRONG. So I tried another, and another, and another. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP...WRONG. There were at least 4 other people in the locker room all listening to my inability to punch in my easy to remember code.

What else was there to do but go to the front desk and ask for HELP. She was very nice, unlike the lady that didn't want to allow Susan to be a visitor last week but that is another story, anyway....she got me into my locker.

... I headed to the shower so that once I got home I could hit the door running. As I finished my shower I realised that I didn't grab one of the complimentary towels. At least none of this happened at peak hours.

As I listened to Redemption Songs driving home I was so thankful that my salvation does not depend on anything I do because on mornings like this it feels like I am a mess.


Gloria said...

That happened to me with those lockers too. I tried over and over again, thoroughly confused because I was positive that I knew the code...that is when I realized I was at the wrong locker!

So what did you do without the towel? Arthur says that on the guys side, lots of the guys just bare it all walking around.

I am so impressed with your 4:30 a.m. commitment- more power to you girl!

Thank goodness He loves us regardless -

gideonmommasita said...

The thought of streaking through the shower area, sink area and locker room did cross my mind...instead I put back on my sweaty t-shirt, pulled it down over my butt and as quickly as I could nabbed a towel from the locker area.

CroppinRobin said...

the whole thing is funny now...but that early in the morning, nothing is funny!
great story....thanks for the chuckle!
fyi - my word verification on this post is CRUMBS. i've never had an actual word before...

sister sheri said...

No wonder... isn't 4:30am considered an "ungodly" hour... hee hee!