Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a little more

Key West was our first port of call and even though we saw the chickens all over the streets the last two times we visited the city, this time I enjoyed seeing a mother hen and her chicks. I took this picture for my sister...
Remember how last post I left my rambly mess to go have dinner at my moms? Well, guess who was there for a surprise spur of the moment visit from Bloomington, Indiana? Yup...my sister Cathron. We were surprised and had a fun day with her and this morning she is picking up Donut shop donuts on her way to my house.

We anchored off the coast of both Grand Caymen and Cabo Samana in the D.R. and got to take a tender to those Islands. I loved it!
This is the island resort we went to in Cabo Samana. That beach is where we hung out for several hours.
While on the beach my gaze was either on the bay or on the Domican Republic across the channel.

After hanging out on the beach all morning, Elise, Emmett and I hung out in the hot tub...which really wasn't all that hot...but warmer than the pool.

When I looked at this picture I really thought it looked like I was wearing my grandmother's bra...what an awful look for me! The book I finished on the cruise was Havah by Tosca Lee. Did I enjoy it? Well, the first part of the book was more sensual than I care to read but the relationship between Adam and Eve was cracking me up. In the end I would recommend it, and would actually like it to discuss it with you.
Josh took this picture one night...don't know what night it was but we both loved looking up into the sky or out across the ocean. He said on our way to church Sunday that the endless asphalt in front of our van was giving him depressing withdraw symptoms for the ocean.


Gloria said...

One big huge WOW! That boat seems like it was very modern, so nice.
And the ocean blue, and the islands....girl, you got to see some pretty sights.

Glad you got a day with your sister, that was a nice surprise.

I'll have to check out the Havah book so we can talk about it, I wonder if the library would have it? Where did you get yours?

gideonmommasita said...

I bought mine through Amazon, when my mom is done with my copy you can borrow it.

sister sheri said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! Man... sun and sand sound really good right now!

Dee Dee's Diary said...

Loved the "grandma bra" comment. I would have to agree...not the most flattering photo. You are a good looking gal, and that photo was horrible. Enjoyed all the photos...you have "the life"...also enjoyed the LOUD SPEAKER story about your daughter on the rail. YIKES.
Makes me think of the movie OVERBOARD..."an exciting day at sea, sir".