Monday, April 6, 2009

falafel and friends

We rent our home from a wonderful couple, Anwar is 90, raised in Syria and MaryAnne is 74, raised in North Carolina. They recently bought 6 acres of land with a house that has sat vacant for at least 6 years and needs a lot of work...this is where we come in. Saturday and Sunday I cleared brush and cut back mammoth azaeas and then burned it all. Part of the time Josh was inside ripping up rotten flooring and replacing it with something to slap on some linoleum tiles that were laying around the house. Most Saturdays when we work on "the Wilderness", (as Anwar affectionally calls it), MaryAnne will bring over lunch. This weekend she brought over some homemade falafel. Delicious. I have never had it before but everything Mary Anne makes is outstanding and I knew I wouldn't be disapointed.
Now it's Monday and my eyes are swollen from all the smoke and I did not want to get out of bed and would like another cup of dry cereal but Elise is calling so that's it for now.


ewe scrap said...

I love your header...Falafal and Friemds. You could write a book about Maryann and Anwar.

Gloria said...

That's a great photo of you and Anwar...It looks like it would be the cover of a book.

I love how you are being neighborly and helping them, but are you at least getting a break on your rent in exchange for all your hard work?

sister sheri said...

I love falafel. I enjoyed it many times in Israel... and in fact just had it today, too... and with a friend!