Friday, April 17, 2009

May the circle be unbroken

All week I have wanted to try out braiding Elise's hair like I saw here. Maybe once a month I look through my favorite blogs and it is an even more rare moment when I check out new blogs and most of the time I just end up feeling discouraged, frustrated or wanting. The crafts, cooking, bible studying....all more wonderful than I ever attempt! But braiding... I can do a fair french braid...maybe I could braid in a circle?
After trying to braid in a never ending circle I might suffer from those same feelings but I think I might want to try it again...Elise was very patient with my braiding until I got to the point where I was standing between her and PBSkids....but I don't think she'll let me redo it this morning. I wasn't able to make it one continuous braid but one of my strong points/weaknesses is that I'm okay with good-enough or not good enough like I said in my last post.
This braid is just one of the many things I am thankful for this week.
We were given very pricey symphony tickets for Mozart's Requiem last night. John-Thomas and I went and enjoyed it tremendously!!! The Jacksonville Symphony Chorus sang in the second half and they had the words and translation printed in the program....even though I can't read music I miss being in a choir....there is something wonderful about singing Latin....another quirky thing about me.
Found out this week that out of 20 students from FLVA that took the ACT, John-Thomas was the only one to recieve State and National honors for his score. Reminds me of Sherri's post about it is God who waters the plant...I will definately give God the Glory for his test scores!
I am thankful that some of my friends and family had new posts this make me smile!


SenoraSabrosita said...

beautiful work em! Veronica's hair is too fine for even pony tails. That is if she even lets me put them in. I was successful in getting them in on Easter morning but just before getting into the car for church she pulled them out. I dream one day of having fun with her hair, until then I will try to tame my own!

Gloria said...

You did a good job on the braid Em...she looks so cute. It's awesome how something like the symphony can be shared with your son, and congratulations on the test score. You've got a lot to celebrate this week.

sister sheri said...

Sorry that I've been a bit absent... but I'm back and catching up on my favorite bloggers!

What fun... braiding... with an only child... a son... and me never growing out my hair... well, she looks just like a princess... or ballerina... or just beautiful!

Wow! You like singing in Latin? How cool is that! I'm lucky to be able to sing along with the choruses at my church... even thought hymns are my favorite... I can't always reach the notes!