Sunday, May 31, 2009


Do you remember how small those graduation hats are? Surely someone by now would've improved the design?
My flight from Indiana touched down sometime after 1 today. My sister Cathron flew me and our mom up to celebrate, Cathron's oldest son, Stephen's graduation from high school. Unfortunately he didn't make it to rehearsal so we didn't actually go to a ceremony but thankfully he allowed us to take some pictures of him in the cap and gown so alls good. Friday and Saturday I got to go to my sister's third son, Jonathon's baseball games. Cathron and I had fun hanging out and being our usual sarcastic selves. Claire, her youngest enjoyed just being cute. After the grad pictures and a lovely brunch on the main square in Bloomington I sat poolside with Olivia and Claire and enjoyed the son with them. It was a weekend of quiet time together and making connections that hopefully will surpass the geographical distance that thwarts us seeing more of each other.We had a great meal at Smokin Jacks on Friday night, where I had the cornbread salad...very different but delicious in its own right. Saturday at our brunch I order Huevos Rancheros and wanted to lick my plate clean! Claire and I had a great time while waiting for our food!This is the view from the back of their house. Wednesday the movers come, they've sold their house and are moving again. Over the summer they'll stay at their lake house while their new town/country house is being remolded. Stephen goes off to mechanics school in the fall. Wish I could put some deep thoughts in about beginnings but I really just want to go to bed and so instead of talk about beginnings, I will end.

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sister sheri said...

What's funny is that I've realized I've had a problem with closure!