Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do I Dare?

Okay, I've got the Happy Birthday letters cut out of pink that's a good start but do I continue?
What in the world am I talking about?
You've seen them...the fabric birthday banners...well, Elise's birthday is next Tuesday and I would like to make one for our little get together but I'm afraid it's too late to continue with the project tonight and I'm not sure if I want the rounded edge, the triangle or the square look? And you know I didn't do my research before I cut out the letters...I just used plain ole simple block letters...what was I thinking...a creative font would've looked so much better?
If only I was as creative as Emmett and his blue jay that he molded out of clay for his K12 art assignment then I would be sure that it be wonderful...but I really don't want to spend a couple of hours on this and have it turn out sloppy and no...I'm not asking Mom to do it for me...


sister sheri said...

Decisions... decisions!

Gloria said...

I admire you for even thinking about a felt block banner, I would have just done one out of construction paper!