Monday, January 4, 2010


The picture is from our Christmas Day walk in Indiana but I'm feeling as cold as that picture looks...and even though I'm sure it is much colder there and where Tavia, Jenette and Sister Sherri live...hopefully their houses are keeping them warmer than mine!
It was 62 when I first checked the thermostat this morning, and while 66 is refreshing in June...I'm not feeling so refreshed right now...more like getting in bed under a bunch of covers and hibernating. I've tried 6 cups of hot tea, a wool sweater and haven't taken off my clodhoppers since dropping 3 of the 4 kids off at school.
Our regularly programmed schedule has started back, the road trips and family get togethers have come to an end until summer. Time to put my big girl panties on and start cleaning house...or at least unpack and put the suitcases away. Before I do that I think I may have to warm up with a trip to Publix to pick up something for dinner.
I'm thinking... lean pork cooked with apples and cabbage.
What do you have for dinner when you are tired of soup but want some warm comforting food?


sister sheri said...

Sometimes pasta does the trick for me. Hard to imagine I'd ever get tired of soup. Just printed out a recipe for Maryland Crab Soup. I didn't get to enjoy the seafood while I was back there... not sure where I'm getting the Maryland crab... but oh, well!

I wonder if one of those snuggies would work?

Happy New Years!

ewe scrap said...

Soup sounds good to me. I think I will make some clam chowder. It is so thick it is almost not a soup. Even Emmett liked it.

sister sheri said...

I'm on FB, too. You wanna be my friend?