Wednesday, March 3, 2010

By the way

I want to post, really I do.
But I don't.
Need to post the next verse.
The pear tree finally blossomed.
Spilt 1/2 cup of coffee in front of the stove this morning, had to pull it out and you know what happens when you do that...
Emmett has only done one assignment and it is almost noon.
We're both slackers, him and I.
Today my name is not diligent, more like slothful with a side of gluttony.
Last night I made Melissa's spinach balls to take to Susan's house for a little get together she had...ate the leftovers this morning between breakfast and lunch. BTW...everyone Loved Melissa's spinach balls....which is a good thing because I didn't have breadcrumbs...only pepridge farms cornbread stuffing crumbs...but they weren't any the wiser on how it was supposed to taste....
See, here, without even trying I made a little post, admitted to my failings, shared my strivings and complimented all in 10 minutes or less.
Clicked on the first picture I saw to post too, which really isn't a picture but a collage of the last cruise my dad took us on.
I am reading your posts, just not commenting too much these days.
Thanks for stoping by.
You're beautiful


CroppinRobin said...

me too, you too

ewe scrap said...

Love your your you.

Gloria said...

Slothful with a side of gluttony ... at first I thought you were talking about me! Had to read that part twice to make sure you weren't - he, he, he.

sister sheri said...

You are a riot! Wondering what the maid has been up to lately!