Monday, April 12, 2010

Free Time, Dogs and Cats

Blessed unexpectedly by some free time on Saturday and Sunday I finished my second children's book of the year. It was Very slow going for the first half of the book, none of my kids have made it through to the end...I did not give up. As soon as I got to the part of the Unsavory Character I knew I had to finish the book. The parts about Gracie the Cat and Ginger Pye the adorable puppy were entertaining, especially since it reminded me of Gretta and her relationships with cats.
Josh claims I had it all planned out ...this free time. You see it wasn't my turn to teach Sunday School and while I had a hard time finding a substitute helper for my partner in Crime for the K-2 class I did indeed prevail to secure a sub...a few hours later though my co-teacher called to say she couldn't teach because her son was not recovering well from surgery .....
So then I had to call around and see if someone would pick me up for church and take me home. No three and half hour trip down and back to pick up the boys, all alone for over 24 hrs...listened to a couple of sermons, did some dishes, some laundry, cleaned and polished the dining room table and coffee table and took a nap. The dish I made for the women's brunch turned out great and I reccomend it, if you can't find Swiss Chard I do believe Spinach would work fine. The discussion time centered around spiritual gifts...mine is not mercy, but you knew that. Okay, I guess that's all I want to tell you. Have a blessed week.

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