Friday, May 28, 2010


Tuesday Emmett and I played a 1/2 dozen games of No Stress Chess and I embellished a t-shirt.  My friend Tracy surprised me with a Barnes and Noble gift certificate for my birthday and since I couldn't figure out which book to buy I bought the Chess game and I am so glad I did.  6 years ago I bought a Klutz Chess Book/Kit and taught John-Thomas and Stewart the basic of Chess but somehow I didn't learn.  Go figure. I am a slow learner and not very competitive nor do I have the drive for accomplishment.

Where does the shirt come in you ask?
Here's the deal, I bought the magenta Mossimo t-shirt for a couple of bucks at Tar-J and within a week I had three tiny toothpaste stains spaced equi-distant down the front. Since it was so cheap it shouldn't have mattered except I loved the way the shirt fit and how comfy it was.  
Also on Tuesday I scanned back through my blog posts just in case someone had left a comment and Suprise, Surprise they did!  So of course I had to go see if she had posted anything new and then I went to her Sister-in-Law's blog to see what she had going on. I found the answer to my shirt problem on her page.  Emmett and I made a quick trip to the thrift store that has a large section of their clothes for $1 and I came home, cut it up and sewed it on and Ve-o-la, as my husband would say! But I am not an over achiever so that was enough work for almost the whole week, except that I knew if I didn't post it today it wouldn't get posted.  I wore it Tuesday night to John-Thomas's award dinner and ceremony for kids that have kept a 3.5+ their middle school years and didn't receive any validation from the friends I saw...that's okay, right? No, I probably wouldn't have worn it out in public again except for on the way home we had to stop at Publix and as we were driving through the parking lot I spied my friend Tracy's car and my other Friend Susan's car because it was Tuesday and they were at Crazy Sushi in the same shopping plaza as Publix.  I asked Josh if he could pick me up on his way out and he agreed so I popped in on their Edamame and do you know what the first thing they said to me as I plopped my self down?  CUTE SHIRT.  ahhhh, validation

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Melissa said...

Love, Love, Love the shirt. Genius idea. I may just have to steal it!

sister sheri said...

I love the t-shirt... and yes, validation is a must!

Christopher joined chess club this year and is looking forward to next year. It totally doesn't fit his personality which is strange... but I love it because I am a thinker. No Stress Chess might be a good addition for this summer!