Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Saturday I made laundry soap.
Originally I typed in Duggar's homemade laundry soap and got a recipe from one of the Google listings...a place I can't find this morning.  There was some aspect of the Duggar recipe I didn't understand and that's why I looked for another recipe. 
For months now I have been gearing myself up to make the laundry soap.
First I had to find the ingredients...all the sites say its easy...pick it up at your local store...but even though I had seen Fels Naptha at my local prior to my endeavor...I couldn't even find the spot on the shelf where they should have been.  If you can't find them either try Amazon.  I think I found it at a Publix but that was after checking several different locations...
Normally I use Tide and anytime I have switched our clothes end up with stains or we have rashes.  It'll be a couple of weeks before I know the results of the homemade variety.  I have two empty Tide bottles to fill up with the homemade batch.
The dilemma going into the process rested on where I was going to mix up 5 gallons of laundry soap?  First I thought of my mop bucket but then I remembered that we had just used up all the cat litter and that plastic container had a lid on it.
The measurements are still hard to wrap my brain around...I meant to save a milk jug to measure gallons with but had to use my 2qt Kool-Aid pitcher.  All these figures makes my brain hurt.  Did you know that your blood vessels actually constrict in your brain when you do Math?  No wonder my brain hurts so much!
I didn't take pictures of the process but I found someone who did.
And I found a bunch more recipes here.


SenoraSabrosita said...

I have a friend who has some very nice clothes ( not just t-shirts and shorts, like me) who made her own laundry soap and began using it. She told me her clothes come out fresher smelling, softer and whiter than using Tide. The whole industry is a racket, because the cost of making laundry detergent is so inexpensive. I'm glad you're trying it out first, I was getting ready to try this out myself. Would love it if you posted how your clothes came out after using it.

sister sheri said...

I use Tide Free because of Christopher's sensitive skin. Wonder how the homemade compares?

Gloria said...

When I read about you doing your own laundry soap, the Duggars came to mind. I saw the episode of where they made their own. I am so intrigued by the organizational systems of that family and how skilled they are. Like Netta, I would be interested in your opinion as to how it works out. I too use Tide so we are all using the same detergent as the controlled comparison.