Monday, July 12, 2010

Surfs up

Last week I tried out my surfboard for the first time...probably should have waited to do that on an empty beach...fortunately before I embarrassed myself too bad I let Emmett have a turn and worked with him for over an hour...his determination and joy in the whole process was surprising to say the least. This week I'm going to take lessons from Gretta..that dog's got talent and she seems so nonplussed.

on a completely different note...I found this blog just now and wondered what you thought of it?


sister sheri said...

Oh that dog looks like a natural!

I was so excited that I got to swim in the ocean two days this year. It is normally too cold even in Maryland for me.. but not this year! I even got to swim in an outdoor pool, too!

Gloria said...

You go girl, rockin' the surf board! That's awesome you even got on the board, keep trying - you'll get it :)

You find all kinds of interesting blogs!