Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The best things in life are Free

Last week Craig looked at the tidal charts said Tuesday would be a good time to go out in the boat. High tide was at 4:30 so we went out from 3-5. Volunteering Friday at Builder's Care, the executive Director gave me Jacksonville Suns baseball tickets for the whole family and wrist bands to get all you care to eat hamburgers and hot dogs. Yesterday morning Emmett said it was going to be the best day of the summer.

Sometimes unposed pictures aren't all you hoped they would be.  Craig is really a very patient and glass is half full kinda guy...and that is why he makes a great jogging friend but somehow this picture doesn't quite capture that. Craig and I didn't waterski since we were crunched on time getting to the baseball grounds at 6.  We kept egging each other to give the knee board a go but in the end just the let the kids have their fun.

John-Thomas decided it was more exciting to stand up on the knee board.


Gloria said...

Oh wow Emily! I enlarged one of the water skiing pictures on your previous blog and saw that it was YOU, not one of the kids! You've got great legs girlfriend. I admire you getting up on those skis :)

You certainly are blessed, you and the kids have a full life with all the activities you do. That is so awesome.

sister sheri said...

Love free!!!