Monday, September 27, 2010

Letter to Tiffany

Well, I shouldn't have been surprised, not like you have ever steered me wrong with one of your book recommendations, it's just that I so rarely pick up a book....let alone a book that you recommend.  I remembered last week to ask the librarian about a Mary Russell book, that's all I could remember you told me.  The librarian found one, God of the Hive and put it on hold, I picked it up Friday and finished it today.  I can't ever remember enjoying a book so much.....from the first sentence!  Normally a book takes a few chapters to get into, but not this one.  And I can't remember the last book I stayed up reading into the night and made myself put down before I was sleepy. I think I was only able to put it down because there was only 1 chapter in the whole book that didn't have a death grip on my attention.  This morning I woke up and started reading again until John-Thomas told me it was time to take him to school.  I came home, did the morning dishes, started a load of laundry and then started reading again, letting Emmett and Elise do Lord knows what....certainly not reading, writing or arithmetic until noon when I finished.  Then they wanted to go on a bike ride so I threw on my jogging clothes/shoes and we went out for 30-40 minutes and then started our chores/school work in earnest.  Tonight when I took John-Thomas to his piano lesson it took everything I had to stay away from the library and put another one on hold.  Instead I went to Starbucks and tried reading more of the Mayor of Casterbridge that I started moons ago and enjoy it but haven't finished because it is my car book for times when there are a few minutes at my disposal and I don't want to spend them pondering my navel. 

John-Thomas is learning Hall of the Mountain king, Stewart is learning Linus and Lucy (Charlie Brown Christmas) and both of them are wonderful to hear practiced over and over.  Emmett's piece was not so lovely so today I told him no more, find something else.  Elise is just starting and doesn't like practicing with her left hand, says its too hard.  A lady from Parks and Rec called today to say that she would be offering tennis if Emmett and Elise were interested so it looks like we will be adding that to our itinerary as well...but not tomorrow because they have dentist appointments....
That book still has my hyped, I was supposed to be looking up the email address of the art teacher for a friend but I stopped when I ran across your name and remembered I had wanted to call you all day to tell you of my reading bliss! 
In my haste to tell you of my excitement I have failed to mention the fun of receiving your letter!  Elise asked me what you wrote me about and so I read it aloud which made it all the more special and romantic in a Jane Austin kind of way.  What a nice memory she will have of her mother reading wonderfully written letters from a friend...that also was so kind to share some of her fall foliage!  Because you know of course that there is nary a poplar around to bestow its autumnal vestige.


sister sheri said...

Love the reading of the letter... Jane Austen style! How romantic!

Melissa said...

I can't wait to check this one out. I'm reading "My Name Is Memory" by Anne Brashares. It's really good.