Saturday, November 27, 2010


Sherri always does such a good job at her "lately" posts that I decided to copy her:

Lately I've been unpacking and doing laundry from spending the past three days at Ft. Clinch camping with these folks. It was our 4th Thanksgiving with our good friends the Troisi's from Palm Bay who have 6 children, Josh's dad and step-mom and Josh's sister, Stefani, and her friend, Meg. This year for the actual meal my mom joined us as well as Jennifer's brother, his girlfriend and son.  We did not over do it on food this year, for which I am very greatful.  Stefani fried the turkey again and it was wonderful....I'm having a leftover turkey and cranberry sandwich as soon as I get done typing this.  The kids made apple turkeys, compliments of my mom using gum drops, marsmellows, raisens and gummy worms attached with toothpicks.  I was surprised that the 16 year old on down to the 6 year olds enjoyed it equally.  Pin the Hat on the Turkey wasn't enjoyed by all but it was still a fun tradition that was brought back from two years ago.

Lately, I have been hired by two different employers solely based on the recommendations by two dear friends. The first one starts this Sunday at an embroidery shop where I mostly take orders.  The second one starts in January when I will work 15 hrs a week supervising teen interns in 5 different libraries in town.

Lately I have gotten rid of three large bags to the Veterans thrift store and 3 medium bags to my friend...but I have probably replaced said bags with my purchases at the Goodwill pound store...great sweater purchases though....a Gap zip up hoodie a wool Lands End and fuzzy and a  L.L Bean one  made from lambs wool.

Lately I have been encouraging my smart 9th grader that he is capable of better than a C in AP World History.

Lately I took a week off jogging because of a respiratory bug but was able to jump back in and keep up with my neighbor after that short break. This is a first for me.


sister sheri said...

We have one of those Goodwill by the pound, but I have never been able to find anything there. I guess since you are in Florida and you are finding sweaters...

We needed to buy two more Christmas tree stands last night. We refused to pay $9.99 each!!! I thought... maybe Goodwill would have some... and sure enough they did for $2.99 and $4.99! Yipee!

gideonmommasita said...

Yay for Goodwill!