Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nails and Flowers and Skirts

I've been reading He chose the Nails by Max Lucado in my in between/wait times and have really been blessed by all the theology I have learned since a child being so wonderfully woven together in a connected way that is a good reminder of what I already knew but still don' you know?

Today I was the guest of my neighbor/friend/landlord at the Riverside Garden Club program on Ichibana. 
The speaker showed several techniques in the Japanese Flower Arranging technique and then we took a short break for lunch....White Chile (thought of Robin) with a leafy green salad which were grown by one of the garden club ladies and then there was this FanTabulous dessert that was a cross between bread pudding with chocolate chips and a blonde brownie and a cookie bottom...Holy Schmolies....I made a pig out of myself and at EVERYTHING...I'm sure I embarrassed MaryAnne, I didn't think of that until just now.  Oh my...
So after I embarrassed myself we were given an opportunity to try our hand at what we had learned.  There were buckets of all sorts of floral and fauna and everyone knew their Latin names.
I recognized some iris's, daisies, forsythia....well I really didn't really remember the name for that plant but I knew of it and knew that my mom liked it...maybe, really I'm not sure why I know it. 
Okay, then there were some Magnolia leaves and pine boughs and that's about all I know.  Then I tried  to angle and position them just so... with a scalene triangular shape with some hanging just so over the edge and some pointing just so over to the side.  
Well, hmmm, 
MaryAnne asked if she couldn't help me and she had a hard time making it work and then the nice Mrs. Hale came over and turned the forsythia towards us and Viola!
I should have taken a picture but Josh has the camera because he took Emmett to Animal Kingdom for his 10th birthday today.
As a thank you to my dear friend that watched Elise for part of the time so I could go, I gave her the arrangement....only I forgot that her parent owned a flower shop and she grew up arranging flowers and she probably thought...gee thanks.
I have another bunch to give me mom....she watched Elise in the morning.

The last two weeks I have been wanting to make a ruffle skirt for Elise.  Tonight I found a pattern here and here.  Instead of sitting down and cutting out the material I decided to blog about what I want to do.  
Did I tell you I'm a real get er done kinda gal?
You knew that about me though didn't you?
Anything you've been wanting to do and instead of doing it you'd rather blog about it?


SenoraSabrosita said...

Well i want an update on your homemade detergent. Did it work, was it worth it? I have a ton of things I'd like to blog about rather than do. Like make the detergent, but I don't want to bother until i hear a report from you. I did though finish ironing all our clothes. Does anyone iron anymore? I'd like to dry clothes outside but just found out how much a stinkin clothesline could cost. Wishing I had a crafty husband, but I married a book worm and a philosopher. So rarely does the trash get taken out or the yard get mowed. Wishing my brother lived closer! sorry for ramblin.

SimplyFaith said...

It sounds like a lovely day. There are many things I'd rather blog about - it always comes out just as I want it to in print. Putting it in motion, while may be more comical, not always so graceful.

DL3 said...
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sister sheri said...

I would rather blog about cleaning out my garage. Putting my Christmas decorations away... but first I need to purge out my attic. Purging Christopher's closet. And the list goes on...

Colleen said...

I want that too
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