Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Just another hang up
Once a week I get an email from all free sewing.  Today's email was about 15 Quick Impressive Hostess Gifts...not that I give hostess gifts, it doesn't even occur to me and probably if it did I would rather stay at home than come up with a gift to give to the person who invited me over.
Side note
Once I invited someone from church over for lunch with her children and she brought me a hostess gift...it was a Mops flip calendar I think....it made me feel so awkward, I wasn't doing anything special, just had them over for lunch...I just wanted to be her friend, hostess gifts to me seem so formal...shows the circles I ran in. I do remember my uncle's Austrian wife always bringing something to whomever was cooking dinner but I always just associated it with Eva being giving, not as a requirement...which points out an obvious character flaw in myself...I must not be giving. I remember Jenette giving me a framed Flavia print, when she came to visit me once in Palm Bay after Emmett was born...Jenette is giving.
Off the rabbit trail now.
When I went to all free sewing and clicked on this idea, it took me here and here and this one I have looked at before and was so happy to look at again because it is adorable. These patterns are also lovely to look at but I know I will never make any of this stuff because I can't even keep my house clean let alone have time to sit and sew for hours on end...speaking of which, time to go do the dishes.

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Gloria said...

Thank you so much for the all free sewing tip, I signed up. Sometimes I want to a make a little something, but have no idea what to do since I am so new to sewing. One of your "here" links gave me an idea of something to make.

If I do take a hostess gift, we usually take flowers. It is always but that's what I do. I've had people bring me gifts of coffee and wine, and it's awkward because Arthur and I drink neither of those. So I am always so appreciative of the gesture, but in the back of my mind I think what am I going to do with this. We still have a bottle of wine and a bag of starbucks coffee in the pantry.

When I was growing up in New Jersey, I had a friend with a Japanese mother. Everytime we asked the little girl over, she brought a gift. Her mom said it was not polite to come to someone's house when invited with no gift. Imagine how awkward it was for me when I was invited to spend the night at their house and showed up empty handed.