Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winners and Losers

Stewart played his last middle school football game last night.
The picture was from the only game they won, last night they played against the number one team in the district, and I think they knew that.
I didn't plan on making this about our sanctification but how should playing for the number one team affect us? 
Stewart said they really didn't care if they ate too much spaghetti before the game because they knew they weren't going to win.
How often does that translate into what we do ever day?

Back to Stewart
He loved playing football this year. At the beginning of the year he and his friend picked 36 and 37, they were almost always on the field at the same time. They went out to eat after football practice one day and dreamed about college football and the pros.  This did not sit well with me. 
John-Thomas played a year of middle school football and then he switched to a safe sport cross country in high school.
High School football is rough, the players are a lot bigger, kids get hurt...I don't want my son to get injured.
It makes him happy, he loves playing football. He enjoyed the relationship he had with his coach.  I talked to the swim coach last night about Stewart doing swimming in the spring instead of track. (He didn't do so good at track last year) She told me to let him do what he liked. 
"Well he didn't really like track" I said, "it is Coach Harris that he likes."
" Ahh" she said, with a sweet look in her eye, "Coach thinks the world of him".
So my dream of Stewart becoming an all star swimming star may be drowning.
Along with my children playing piano,
being dancers,
championship chess players,
math team wizards.
It's okay, and if it weren't time for me to take them to school I would come up with some pithy response.
Stewart just read my post as he came to tell me to get dressed and he said,
"I might still join the math team."


Gloria said...

What a sweet son joining the math team for his Mom.

sister sheri said...

I kinda don't want my son to dance. But he likes to do his style of break dancing.