Thursday, December 1, 2011

Truth be told

The maid popped by for a few minutes this morning after she spent all night in the hospital with her mom.  Said she had the urge to clean the exhaust hood over the stove.
She didn't like the Fantastic spray so she switched to Dawn Dish Washing Soap and it was amazing how clean she got the underside of the range hood. She also wiped down all the what-nots that sit on the back of the stove top, the kitchen windows and did a quick once over on the floors. 
I like it when she stops by out of the blue like that.
For some reason I never notice how dirty an area is until she decides to show up.
I don't know what possessed her to scrub away like she did after being woken up every 30-40 minutes by hospital staff or machine bells dinging all night long.  Must've been the coffee her husband had waiting for her when she got home at 6:30 a.m.  Maybe it was the garden eggs she decided to make before she took her two oldest boys to school? 
Who knows?
I'm just glad she did it.
That's twice this week she has showed.
Monday she was here for a while.
Cleaned Elise's room, vacuumed almost the whole house, did laundry, scrubbed the bathroom tub, dusted ceiling fans, and liberally sprayed fabreeze everywhere.
She probably went a bit over board on the spray.
I really liked the way she hauled a bag full of stuff to throw away out of Elise's room.  Truth be told she could probably have gathered enough to fill two bags but she had to go to another job.
I hope she comes by next week and works on my room, maybe she'll find the amber jewelry I picked up in Czech this summer for Christmas presents. 
Losing Christmas presents seems to be a specialty of mine.


Gloria said...

You should by that maid of yours a really nice Christmas gift this year for all the hard work she's been doing.

sister sheri said...

I'll be praying for your maid's mom... well, and the maid, too!