Thursday, August 2, 2012

If you give a mom a cup of coffee

Chances are that if you finish a large cup of coffee
 before your daughter breaks one of your grandmother's water glasses
 you will ask son #3 to pull the stove out from the wall to sweep up the broken bits that shattered underneath it.
When you pull the stove from the wall you will then decide to clean the sides of the stove with some windex and you will enlist son #3 to help again.
After you clean the floor under the stove you will clean the wall behind the stove and the hood range.
While you are cleaning hood range, son will escape the ammonia fumes and run to his room to play the nintendo.
Once the stove is pushed back you will call son #1 to pull out the fridge to get the shattered pieces that have thrown them-self under there.
After the floor and walls behind and under the fridge are clean you will call daughter to come vacuum the kitchen and then you will ask her to vacuum the living room and then she will escape to play on the game system..
Once the kitchen is vacuumed you will want to put away the Windex and paper towels sitting on the washing machine but you notice that the back door needs to be wiped down as well as the sides of the washing machine.  
And then you will notice that wash that was started yesterday is still in the washing machine and so you smell it to see if it is soured and decide that it isn't all that soured and one or two dryer sheets should do the trick. After the washing machine is emptied you will be able to put your husbands white work shirt that is has been sitting on top of the dryer with pinterest stain remover on it for a few days into the wash.  All the other odd bits of white socks and work shirts will be gathered from around the house and a load of whites will be started with some homemade laundry soap and homemade fabric softener.
When the wash has been started you will walk by the coffee maker and see that there is one more cup of coffee left in the pot and so you will fix yourself another cup of coffee.
After you fix a cup of coffee you will remember that you took a picture of the broken bits that glass you used to drink out of at your grandmother's house and decide that it would make a great blog post.


sister sheri said...

Glad you remembered the photo!

Gloria said...

That wore me out just reading it! If I drank coffee, I would go get me cup full.