Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I love to eat

Susan who reached her goal weight with WW loves food. We discussed this on Monday while we were powerwalking when the boys were doing swimteam practice. I love to eat. The whole time I was eating my salad at lunch today I was eyeing the kids box of cheese-its. I could just not bring the stuff in to house but the boys are so skinny they need some empty calories in their meals! After yesterday's lunch of tuna and small portions at Beach Road chicken I went to Panera and had a cobblestone. What was I thinking! Susan has told me about nice little 0 point or 1 pt foods. Hearts of Palm for the salad and caramel corn cakes as a snack. Unfortunately the corn cakes are too good and I always end up eating more than one. I know I need to up the exercise and everything would be better. Susan runs everyday. The photo was taken when we went to the Cummer Museum of Art in 2005 shortly after she moved here. I'm so glad she moved to Jacksonville.

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Melissa said...

Emily, I can't believe you live in Jax! We should get together at Orange Park Mall sometime. This whole time I thought you lived somewhere really far away! How old are your boys?