Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In spite of myself

I would like to think that my life does not revolve around my kids but it does. I find myself more and more often thinking that my daughter is beautiful. Parents admiring their own children is never a pretty sight...at some level you are supposed to be your child's best cheerleader but I've always lumped complimenting your own children in there with complimenting yourself. There are times when she isn't pretty, like when she's growling. But then she is funny because after she growls or talks back so unbelievably disrespectful she'll start laughing like she just did the best April Fool ever known to man. What a nut. Tonight at swim practice she was practicing her swimming all on her own and asking the other little girl in the pool if she wanted to play and then asking to share the toypedo a little boy brought to the kiddie pool. This is my two year old, not 6 year old...how did she get this way? Recessive genes I'm sure.

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Cloverland Farm said...

yay! love your blog! such gorgeous kids and you look fantastic!!