Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not Thankful

Everyweek we go at least once to library and leave with at least one bulging bag of books for the boys, a video/dvd or two and one board book for Elise. This week the kids were rewarded with coupons for a free McDonalds cheeseburger. The closest McDonalds is in a Walmart so after picking up Yohanna we went for our free cheeseburgers. From another event the kids had coupons for free fries so if they got water this was going to be a pretty cheap lunch date. This McDonalds though does not give out free water...what a crock! All the other fast food chains give out free water. Taco bell gave out free tacos to the kids a couple of weeks back for reading and they gave out water why couldn't MickyD's? In the midst of complaining I realised I was getting free food for 5 kids and why couldn't I just be thankful for that? After grabbing some facial soap for my ever maturing 11 yr old I remembered the 25cent soda machine at the door. The nicest old man was restocking it and didn't make us wait until he was done, helped me with change and was generally helpful and pleasant. We took our sodas and bags of food back into the seating area and the kids had a great lunch. I didn't get anything to eat because at the library I saw a girl I had gone to school with from k-12 and she was skinnier than when we were growing up and I remember in the 3rd grade when she got picked on for being too skinny. So I had tuna salad when I got home. Elise is asleep and the boys are reading it is so nice and quiet.

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