Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And Frightened Miss Muffet Away

Little Miss Muffet was going about her business and right in the middle of a good meal she was afraid and ran away. I started a list of things I am afraid of but gave it up because it seem to keep on going and was in no way productive. Elise was afraid this morning. Afraid to sit in the Dentist chair even though she had no idea why she should be afraid. I felt like I should have some technique or motherly sway to help calm her fears and that by being there she could relax but no. And in the end I had to walk out, I was of no help. I am reminded of mothers with seriously sick children and even dying children and how magnified their experience must be. All this was compounded because the dentist insisted on going through with sedation even though insurance didn't cover it and I had no idea if we could either. I had tried the day before to talk with the office about it but it was a Monday and their plate was already full. So the Dentist said he would work something out with us if I would just let him get started. She's smart he said, "She stopped crying to ask if he was almost done." said when they were all done with the root canal. She still may lose her two front teeth after this stupid ordeal. All from rolling out of bed, and we're supposed to keep her in a glass case because her teeth are still wiggly. Well at least she is only two and her permanent teeth will come in 4 more years. We both took a long nap today... that helped that me walk tonight and then I capped off my day with a small bowl of Tiramisu ice cream. We were going to get Tiramisu the other night but after reading all the labels in the Publix we ended up with the light Publix ice cream. I skipped breakfast this morning because Elise couldn't eat anything and I wanted to show some solidarity so I figure I had a few extra calories coming my way. Maybe I'll make a list tomorrow of my favorite ice creams, that sounds better than fears anyway.


Dee Dee's Diary said...

Sometimes our fears are seen by our children. Walking away IS doing something. Any fear or anxiety you might be feeling is now removed from the room. I always had an unhealthy fear of the dentist growing up. He was a nice man, and even a personal friend of the family...but I hated going. My mother used to make my appointment for 15 minutes after school ended. That was just the time I needed to walk to his office up the street after school. I would get a call to come to the school office near the end of last period...the message was always, " Your mother called, you have an appointment with Dr. Morgan at 3:30 today. He will be expecting you." How could I get out of that...and no time to get worked up over it. I remember the first time I took Robin to the dentist...I thought, I never want her to be that afraid. So I prayed for all the calmness and then I introduced her to the nice dentist and quickly walked away to the waiting room so that she could not see my fears. Fear is a funny thing. I wonder how many times the Bible teaches, "fear not'?

Melissa said...

I know it's a lot. I struggle with fear, too. Especially when it comes to anything with my kids.