Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back to School clothes

Monday morning came and Stewart was excited to start school but couldn't figure out from the computer lessons which work he was supposed to do and with me still in my p.j.'s and not enough morning coffee I couldn't figure out what to do either. But we're out of milk, maybe we should go to Sam's first and get our week's worth of milk? (which has finally gone over the $3 mark) We get home by 10 and start in on the assignments for the day when the doorbell rings. It's Mike the Mailman and he has a box from Aunt Cathron! Everyone starts trying on their new clothes....Elise didn't even wait to get undressed first. They were so excited about their back to school clothes that we went right out and took a picture. So it is not surprising the kids were still doing homework at 9pm. That is also the reason that this blog is being posted on Wednesday instead of Monday. I have really enjoyed blogging over the summer but I'm not sure what this new school year will bring. After spending Tuesday morning doing homework I decided we were done and to let preview week be just that...we had previewed enough and I had some cleaning and laundry to do. I had just enough time to vacum and do a couple of loads before driving down to World Golf Village to see Mike and Robin. Melissa and Eric drove up from Palatka and we all had a good time in the timeshare pool. It almost makes me want to sit through a sales spiel. Today it was Wal-Mart for cat food and laundry soap, I'm going to give Gain another try. I'm just rambling now. Will post again tonight after I go to Publix to pick up some groceries for dinner with the O'Donnels tomorrow night and to see how much I've gained this week.

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