Saturday, September 1, 2007

Like sands through the hourglass

Seems like yesterday Susan and I were playing Crazy 8's (only we forgot the 8's were crazy) trying to pass the time until the Cytotec induced my labour. Three years later that little baby I waited my whole life for is sleeping in her first bed. New nightgown from Aunt Cathron, new butterfly quilt for her bed from Gramma and plenty of room now for a nightly does of snuggle time. When she was baptized, Dan Hendley asked us as part of our baptismal vows if were giving God all our rights to Elise and if He should call her home that we would not be bitter. That is a bad paraphrase and the closest thing I could find to what he said was:
"From him they received them, and to him they return them, begging his acceptance of them for his own." by a 1697 Puritan named Edmund Calamy. Elise is now three and still I feel the stinging tears in my eyes as I said my response to Dan's Question.


CroppinRobin said...

Big girl bed, that is a major deal!I'm so glad you got your little girl. Even the very thought of God taking back what has been 'loaned' to us brings tears to my eyes also.

Melissa said...

Me too. Everytime I think about the fact that any one of my children could be taken, I just shudder. I just have to stick to my belief that God's will is perfect.