Monday, October 1, 2007


(Jean Francois Miller, "Angelus" (1859) - image)

As Phil.4 was read yesterday this verse jumped out at me:

In everything I pray about I should have an attitude of thankfulness.

The radio station today asked for people to call in and give a praise of their pastor/church and even though I am thankful for Eastside the first person I wanted to give thanks for was Pastor Dan Hendley and his wife Beth. We were honored by a visit from them Sunday evening and were blessed to have them stay over. After they left this morning I mourned not taking a picture of them with our kids. Part of the blessing of their visit was that Josh and I almost completely finish cleaning our room to make be the sanctuary that has been in discussion between Robin and I. He is not currently pastoring a church but is open to the Lord's call. Even pastors who lead so well have to patiently wait for the Lord's guidance. I am so thankful for their prayers over the years and letters of encouragement...physically helping us move out of our hurricane damaged house, baptising Elise before we moved to Jacksonville. My prayers are for them now.

I am thankful for the great family of God that are now encouraging us. For Pastor Rick Bourque and his wife Kathy that are challenging us to walk more diligently/intentially in the Spirit and for wrapping God's Grace and Soveriegnity around the whole package.
Thankful too for praying friends. Friends that believe that God is bigger than cancer and His hand is always at work no matter what the circumstances look like.
Thankful that my husband just came home after his meeting to learn how to mentor and with him he brought the Chik-Fil-A coupon Robin alerted us to a while back.
So many things to be thankful for. How do you pray thankfully?

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Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing that, Emily. We have a dear friend and deacon in our church who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given 12 months, at best. We are praying for total healing! God is able! He is bigger than any box we try to fit Him into....