Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tips Tuesday?

Last week's weigh in was traumatic. Thursday and Friday I cut out as many carbs as I could and limited them for a couple of days so I was curious yesterday when I was in Publix if it had made a difference. Yes it had. I had to get on the scale again when I left Publix to see if I saw right. It jump started my metabolism after the days of birthday special treats. Whether or not it will look like that on Wednesday I have no idea. I wondered if anyone had read anything about metabolism? Saw a snippit on GMA last week about glycemic index and that has been in the back of my mind. Don't have a bunch of time to spend on web searching (I am supposed to be homeschooling) but I did find this website with some sample menus:
I lost a good amount of weight with the book put out by Curves before I was pregnant with Elise...still have the book it has a wonderful recipe for zucchini boats and stuffed mushrooms.
Everyone swears by portion sizes and the balanced meals of Weight Watchers but what if you could do a hybrid diet? Thursday and Friday last week I got in a good walk but haven't been able to walk again...had one scheduled for last night but I forgot about Josh's mentoring meeting. He is going to meet once a week with an inner city youth that went to a KidsAcrossAmerica camp with Second Mile Ministry. You could keep that in your prayers as he steps way out of his comfort zone to be salt and light.

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Melissa said...

I commend your perseverance. I have not been nearly as concerned with my diet. I try to watch where I can, but I'm still up 2.5 lbs. from last week! I guess my crockpot cake wasn't such a good choice. It was pretty yummy, though.