Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Weathered Wednesday

In first and second grade I walked home from school with my two German friends Pamela and Matthias and we would stop in at the Pic-N-Save we passed and buy a penny piece of Brach's loose candy. Mostly I bought the Neapolitan kind...chocolate, coconut and strawberry in one striped confection. Tonight at Publix I couldn't resist putting my quarter in the box when that memory came to me. I was also celebrating, the scales tonight said 153, the same as Monday when I stepped on, then off and on again in disbelief. I was celebrating that I ran with Susan and even though I couldn't carry a conversation at least my but was moving. I picked up some diet/menu books at the library. Today...Elise was trotting up and down the isle but I was determined. The boys were annoyed until they sat down and look up and found fat bound copies of Calvin and Hobbes. Read that you should eat within 20 minutes of waking and then every hour and a half to 3 thereafter. I had read that in my Curves book but it was nice to read it in a different book. Keep that metabolism working is the theory. I so want to keep my metabolism working. I also picked up some gardening books...native Florida plants and the like. Don't know where I'll find these native Florida plants but at least I'll learn something. What are you learning?


CroppinRobin said...

okay, love that i should be eating constantly....
great job on the weight loss!
i forgot to weigh 2 days in a row....oops!

Melissa said...

I'm learning that you and Robin are kicking my butt in weight loss. Today I'm redeeming my Chick-Fil-A coupons!
You're doing awesome! Inspirational!