Monday, November 26, 2007

Redneck Thanksgiving

It rained/drizzled until noon so we set up some redneck tents. The skies cleared by 1 so we brought the food outside and had a nice buffet. Josh's sister Stefani fried a turkey to add to my turkey. Mom gave me some brine to soak the turkey in and I basted it with butter and it came out wonderful. The brine was $10 but worth every penny...I highly recommend it! After all the eating and cleaning we packed up and went to Little Talbot Island to camp for two days with the Troisis (our friends from Palm Bay). Friday, Josh's dad and Anne joined us on a visit to Ft. Clinch in Fernandina, Fl. We spent 4 wonderful hours at the fort. We explored all over and then we joined a "soldier" on a historic tour. Several times he commented how inappropriately I was dressed with exposed ankles. He told us about everything from blacksmiths to washerwomen duties to lice races. We also heard a critter talk on the beach side of Little Talbot Island and learned about the Chuck Willls bird and Bob Cats. Jennifer was good enough to make some question sheets about all our education activities this weekend so we will claiming those hours for FLVA. This was our second Thanksgiving with the Troisi family, my mom and Josh's folks and I hope we have many more to come.

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CroppinRobin said...

snowy mashed potatoes sound yum-o
i really had to laugh when i clicked on the thanksgiving photo....loved the 'redneck' tarp! i'm so glad the rain quit for your outside thanksgiving...
sounds like you all had fun camping