Thursday, November 8, 2007

Turning the Page

In February we joined the YMCA and Josh I would walk on the treadmill became a contest who could burn the most calories and walk the furthest etc.. He always won. (But I lost the most weight) When he would add hills to our treadmill challenge my heart rate would go into the danger section. Last month I had my first physical since Elise was born and I mentioned exercising to her and asked if that was normal. She sent me to a cardiologist. After listening to my heart he told me I was out of shape, nothing was wrong but just to be sure he wanted me to come back and have a stress test done. Did the stress test Tuesday and the tech monitoring me said I was in really good shape, it took me a long time to get up to the stress range. Whatever. Tuesday I tried the jump rope for the first time and could only do 39 steps, today I did two sets of my lungs burn. I didn't weigh last night but when I went for the stress test I weighed less than the last time I was in there so who knows. I got my ceiling fans all cleaned today. Tuesday I got the dryer cleaned off, turning pages, checking off my items on my to do list.
Still to do:
put away suitcases from our N.C. trip
re-hem Elise's dress that got ripped at church :)
finish table runners
start the notepad covers
make arm rest covers for couch and chair
make curtain side panels


Melissa said...

My checklist can beat up your checklist!
I need to do checklists. They really seem to help. I try to keep it all in my head and I feel like it's going to explode. Then I have a bunch of started projects that I don't finish. Ya with me?

Gloria said...

That would be a funny bumper sticker - "My checklist can beat up your checklist!"