Sunday, December 9, 2007

Old and New Christmas memories

Robin mentioned having a Dutch ornament and it sounded like something I have so Josh took a picture for me and Ta Da! I think my mom picked it up for me at a craft show, somewhere I think I also have a wooden bowl with painted flowers on the inside. Yesterday, Susan, Josh, Elise and I went on the downtown holiday church tour. We walked to 6 out of 7 churches over a 2 and 1/2 hr time span. Yeah, no jump roping yesterday and feeling like a slacker today. Back to the church tour though...I have passed by these churches my whole life and it was so neat to see inside them and hear some of their history. The only church I took pictures of was St. John's Episcopal Cathedral...which is the only one I had been in before since I grew up Episcopal. The AME church had us sing Gloria In Excelsis Deo with a 80+ Choir director leading us in song. A couple of the churches had cookies which Elise and Emmett appreciated. Josh was able to take a bunch of photos for an architectural paper for his humanities class so the day was memorable and useful.


Melissa said...

That looks like it was fun. You have a knack for taking pics. Those pictures are both really neat! I love looking at churches architecture. We had a church in Sioux Falls that was beautiful. Acoustically, there was no sound system needed. You could sing and the noise would carry throughout the whole church. It was really awesome.

CroppinRobin said...

yes, i agree, you take great photos...or josh takes great photos.
i posted my dutch ornament on my blog for you to see.

Gideon mommasita said...

Josh does take great pictures but the one I posted of the church was from Moi. :)

Robin, Thanks for posting your dutch ornament!

Gideon mommasita said...

Josh posted some of his pictures on his site...if he can do that well w/our "cheap" camera I would love to see what he could do with something better!