Thursday, December 13, 2007

Table Runner

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Today another table runner was finished for a gift and before I started on the next one I wanted some inspiration, so I went to Google. Forget I search GoogleBlog! While I didn't find quite what I was looking for I did find instructions on how to make a rag quilt table runner. Like I need another project to work on but it does look fun. Wish I could post pictures of the runners I have finished but they're gifts for a select few...actually only one of the recipients reads my blog so I could post it so I guess it boils down to my laziness to take a good picture. Speaking of pictures...Last night I made a scrapbook on Snapfish for yet another was quicker than the traditional way but I was amazed that it still took me several hours. Today at homeschool sports one of the moms mentioned that she had been up until 2 am working on her gift albums but on Shutterfly. Glad it didn't take me that long, this girl needs all the beauty sleep I can get. Have you put together an album using an Internet site? Which one do you use, and do you use the autofil or do you labor away at it like the perfectionist I know you are?!


Melissa said...

I like winkflash. I have used them for our Christmas photo and for a calender for Eric for Father's Day. They do a good job. I got a Christmas card from a friend who used Shutterfly and it was awesome. I don't know, price-wise, how they do, but it's worth looking into. What would we do without all the technology we have? I miss the simpler days.....

CroppinRobin said...

would love to see your finished project. also, i looked at the rag quilt runner.
i have been wanting to do an album using creative memories digital software...which is free to download. i just haven't gotten around to many other things around here.