Monday, January 21, 2008


Melissa and Jenette have new backgrounds and I liked the backgrounds on some blogs I have seen this week so of course my background was no longer good enough. I looked around and it all seemed like too much trouble so I went to the boys room to sort through their drawers and pull out the boxes in their closet to find their coats. Josh calls me to come quick into the bedroom....Voila, he rewrote my HTML code...who knew my building inspector husband could be so smart...well I did but of course it surprised me anyway.
Found coats for all the kids, Elise will wear Emmett's old one, I may even put her in Emmett's brown cords...they are very nice wide wale corduroy from Old Navy or Gap and I hate put them in the mongo bag of clothes that I am getting rid of. Saturday I took two bags of mine and Josh's clothes and now another of the boys. Made the kids pancakes and eggs and bacon for Josh and I. Colored my roots today, did some dishes and did two loads of laundry and that will do it for today. Hope you had a wonderful MLK Day!

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Cloverland Farm said...

love your new background and am so impressed w/ your 300+ jumps! go girl!
ps...heard marianne had #4 & have been in contact via email w/ kerri who is doing the virtual school that i think you are doing. i'm gonna pass your email on to her.