Friday, February 22, 2008

Count the Cost

Recently I asked a friend if He went to the Christian Concert and he gave a quick shake of his head and a glib look...he said something like, "I don't think you should pay to praise God". And then we got a good laugh about me going to see Carmen in the 80's....that was free, remember that?


Another friend won't buy any clothes new...they all come from the Clearance center at the Thrift's a waste of money she says to buy it brand new, when she can get it for a buck a pound. A different friend thinks she is doing awesome buying $25 jeans from Old Navy instead of the $75 dollar ones from Gap.

Our women's retreat is going to cost $93 for roughly a night and 3 meals. Alone time w/God is being worked into the schedule.

A couple of weeks ago I was disgusted with our preoccupation w/American Materialism and jokingly told Susan that I was going to become an Amish. Today Josh turned down a meal that was going to be $40 a person....Maybe I should check into it some more. Though I don't think Josh could give up "my" laptop. (that is a discussion for another day).


Josh said...

It is her computer. Granted it's portability makes it highly desireable by all in our home. Maybe if we just didn't go all the way, but only to the 'convenient' Amish level.

glenandtavia said...

There are a lot of Amish in our neck of the woods.A couple of years ago we were on an Amtrak train up in the Chicago area and there were several amish on the train in their garb, the funny thing was that most of the men were carrying cellphones, GO FIGURE?!?

Gloria said...

conveniently Amish.....that's a funny phrase. Although who gets to define the convenient part?

Josh said...

Em's sister husband used the phrase around me. There are some Amish near them, but they use some technology, if it's convenient.

Melissa said...

Maybe we should all move to Amish country and start our own commune. Eric and I have talked about being self sufficient from our material world a lot in the past year or so.
Emily, thanks for the great song by Keith Green. I was crying while reading your post. We used to sing that with a praise team. I love how God is new every morning, but nostalgic all at the same time. Does that make sense?